Jewelry Care

Storing your jewelry

All precious metal jewelry with stones should be stored separately, so the jewelry would not come in contact with each other. This will protect your jewelry from any scratches. While traveling, all the jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching.

Wearing your jewelry

Jewelry made of precious stones and metal cannot tolerate neither hard blows, being exposed to chemicals nor extreme temperature fluctuations. Chlorine found in public swimming pools and Jacuzzis can also damage your jewelry. It is advisable to avoid wearing jewelry in places mentioned above. Some gemstones should be kept from direct sunlight, which may cause the stones to lose its original colours. Wearing jewelry while sleeping could easily result in the transformed shape.

To preserve the precious jewelry beautiful and intact as long as possible, it should be removed while doing any housework or gardening. The same recommendation extends when going to the gym or doing any other sport activities. Most common damage can be made to the rings, bracelets or necklaces.

The jewelry should be put on after using cosmetics, hairs spray, perfumes and body lotion to prevent any kind of harm.

Jewelry cleaning

For everyday cleaning use a soft cloth to gently clean the stones and the polished surfaces of the jewelry. Most jewelry can be cleaned soaking them in mild warm soap water and using a soft brush to clean the small and tight parts of the jewelry.

We recommend getting your precious jewelry cleaned and checked periodically by a professional jeweler.

Following the recommendations will help to retain the sparkle and shine of your jewelry for years to come.