Every piece of jewelry bears an author’s signature as a sign of its originality.

All Ivo Proomann jewelry is covered with a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturers defect. As with any delicate handmade articles, the jewelry should be used with care so that your jewelry would remain beautiful and intact to insure years of joy. We recommend having your jewelry checked and cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

The warranty covers the repairing of unusual cracks on the metal surface or any other manufacturer defects. As a result of wearing diamond jewelry every day, the stones might become loose from their sockets. To prevent losing any stones it is important to have the stones checked and the sockets tightened. Those repair works will be carried out free of charge, not including the materials and stones used.

If your jewelry should need any repair work or resizing we recommend contacting the manufacturer who knows best how to make the needed corrections.

We advise you to follow the jewelry care requirements for wearing your jewelry. The warranty will not apply to jewelry which has been broken by the owner’s hazardous or intentional actions. All warranties are voided when the jewelry has been repaired or modified by another jeweler.

If you have any questions about the warranty, please contact the manufacturer by the email info@proomann.com